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[05 Sep 2015|06:23pm]
App. )
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[03 Apr 2015|12:40am]
Yeahhhhhhhh.... So I'm not sure who's on the crazy pills, but I'm not preggers so you can all stop staring at my stomach.
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[15 Mar 2015|12:05am]
HAPPY PI DAY! I managed to sneak into the kitchens today and make some awesome apple pie, so come by my room if you want a bite of my apple pie!
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[23 Feb 2015|02:17am]
So I keep staring at this stupid history paper I'm supposed to be writing for tomorrow. Someone want to come over and do it for me? I pay in cookies and non-sexual favors?
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[20 Jan 2015|02:50pm]
So we're getting closer to the end of the month and that means that Valentines is just around the corner. Does anyone know if they're going to do another dance? Though I doubt Silas'll want to go to it anyways. Maybe we can sneak out by the lake.
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[07 Jan 2015|02:52am]
Ughhhh clases have barely started and I'm already ready for our next break! I miss sleeping in and all that extra free time. Honestly, the weekend cant come soon enough!!
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[30 Dec 2014|12:44am]
So I have gifts for most of you guys. So come by my room sometime this week, yeah? I'll be spending my whole time playing video games, so I wont be hard to find.
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[21 Dec 2014|01:29pm]
Thank you Brad for the super special gift! And you know I want you truly and deeply in my heart or something! Run away with me!
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[19 Dec 2014|02:01pm]
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[14 Dec 2014|05:58pm]
Christmas just keeps coming up faster and faster. Does anyone have anything planned or are we going to have to do our own thing again? I mean there isnt even a christmas tree!
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Private to Sims [04 Dec 2014|08:24pm]
You are golden to ask him out :D
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Private to Wesley and Kaisa [04 Dec 2014|03:06pm]
Heya! I was wondering if I could ask you a bit of a personal question?
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[02 Dec 2014|10:28pm]
So the week is almost up and I'm going to give you all the warning that monday is a super special day that no one better forget!
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[18 Nov 2014|01:38am]
I think I beat you for most wrong answer Sim lol.

Male, Mid 50’s
Here is our best guess at who you are:
1. You are male.
2. You are currently in your mid fifties, still working hard and enjoying every minute of it.
3. You are starting to go bald, but you don't care about it as much as you thought you would when you were younger. You still have your good looks, your gray eyes and your sense of humor.
4. You have a beautiful loving family, great life-long friends, even the doctor is happy with your annual check up!
5. Things are generally good, and you just wish they'll stay that way for much, much longer.
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[12 Nov 2014|09:59pm]
Who:Kaisa (closed narative)
Where: The edge of the school field.
When: Thurs afternoon
What: When visions come, there is no choice.
Rating: pg
Warning: npc death, parent death.

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down. )
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[10 Nov 2014|06:18pm]
Hey, all you people who've been here longer than I have... what happens during thanksgiving? Do people go home and see their families? Do we stay here? I'd honestly rather stay here, but I want to know before I just show up on mom's doorstep.

And If we stay here, is there turkey? Or do they follow the canadian laws and we should've had turkey a month ago?
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[01 Nov 2014|06:13pm]
So... according to the poem in the girl's bathroom, I need to lose my v-card or I'm going to get it. Is there some legend or story to this? Or is someone just trying to convince the ladies to deflower themselves in mass group.

And if that is true, maybe I should auction it off? How about it? Any bidders?
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[08 Oct 2014|12:15am]
So... Yeah, there's this little poem that was placed under our door today, and I was wondering if anyone was willing to fess up to it, or at least tell us which of the two ladies here it was for. I kind of want to believe it's me, but I dont want to get my hopes up.
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[01 Oct 2014|03:09pm]
Someone please tell me what I'm supposed to be doing with this? I mean there's a penis. I know I was talking about not knowing what one looked like, but I didnt need to know first hand!! Come on!!!!

... Does anyone have some clothes? boxers, shirts, pants. I'm too tall and um.... manly to fit in my old stuff.
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[28 Sep 2014|11:40am]
Ok, who's the jackass writing stuff in the ladies room now? Because I dont know anything about that, so if you're so curious you can find out allll on your own.

[private to Silas]

Hey.... have you been saying stuff about me?
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